Coloured Concrete is an economical and practical way to blend your concrete surfaces in with the look of your home. There are two types of coloured concrete: Integral Colour or Colour Hardener.

Integral Colour which is also known as full depth coloured concrete is where the coloured oxide is mixed with the concrete and so the concrete is coloured all the way through the slab. Your coloured concrete can be finished in a variety of methods to create the look you want. Some of the popular finishes include Broomed, Coved, Exposed Aggregate, Stamped and Trowelled.

View Dulux Avista's colour range for Integral Colour.

The other option is Colour Hardener where colour oxide is trowelled into the top of freshly laid concrete. This not only provides a strong even colour but strengthens the surface to provide more resistance to chipping and scratching than plain uncoloured concrete. A different look can also be achieved by adding a stencil or stamped pattern.

View Dulux Avista's colour range for Colour Hardener.